S2Maui - Wicked 2021

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The 2021 S2Maui WICKED 2-cam Freerace sail brings exciting, high

performance derived directly from our VENOM race sail, but in a more

forgiving package. For 2021 we focused on expanding stability and range

by fine-tuning luff curve and cam pressure. An updated panel layout

optimizes S2Maui’s exclusive superlight and strong Technora SpacelightTM

in the upper leech and new Carbon SpacelightTM in the clew reducing

weight where it matters most for instant and reactive leech response.

Performance film in the mid-sail body gives a crisp, stable feel.


The WICKED is one of the lightest production Freerace sails available.

Its 7 battens, which include carbon and fiberglass tubes like the VENOM,

make for an incredibly smooth, stable and efficient freerace sail with full

race sail speed. Slightly softer overall tension and cam pressure ensure

effortless rotation and excellent control with a light feel.

The versatile WICKED also provides outstanding and easy wind-foil

performance with incredible light weight, perfect balance and easy rotation

ensuring you will have a smooth flight!