S2Maui - Venom 2021

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The S2Maui VENOM from Artur Szpunar and Barry Spanier has a legacy

of design experience creating winning sails that powered many champions

at the highest international and national level competitions. S2Maui

provides the engines that allow riders to achieve their goals. It has been a

pleasure to witness S2Maui VENOM rider Delphine Cousin accomplish

2 consecutive PWA Championship seasons, winning both slalom and foil!

S2Maui VENOM has also powered Antoine Questel to some of his career

best results! We are most impressed by the success of our great team of

national riders around the world who regularly claim multiple championships

in Greece, France, Japan, Holland, Peru, Brazil and Hawaii each season.

S2Maui’s development never stops and the especially intense VENOM Race

Sail program benefits from the feedback of our customers and riders as well

as the detailed reports from our champion-filled World Cup and test team,

Antoine Questel, Delphine Cousin Questel, Micah Buzianis, Mark Boersma,

Casey Hauser and Gabriel Browne. The 2021 S2Maui VENOM brings

performance and refinement to the next level!



Experience, passion for performance and meticulous design attention create

the magic formula of radical acceleration, power and speed with incredibly

light and smooth handling. The VENOM combines ease and pleasure of use

with lethal performance that can win races at the highest level of competition.