Goya - Hundred Pro RDM 100 % C

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Hundred Pro

RDM Reduced Diameter Mast

100% Carbon. Made in Italy. This all new all carbon mast is our pride and joy. We’ve put years of research into this mast, to deliver a product that surpasses our previous all carbon Flatwater mast in both performance and stability. The goal was to open the new product up to all disciplines. Where our previous mast was limited to Freestyle and Freeride, the new Hundred Pro feels equally at home in Wave and Race, and delivers insane dynamics. The reflex of this mast alone will transform your entire rig, both by the Direct Drive™ and Diagonal Flex™ technologies it incorporates, but also by it’s sheer difference in weight. This is our new lightest mast, and for many team riders it’s their new favorite.


Available in 340, 370, 400, 430 centimeters.


Comes in Diagonal Flex™ technology.

Peel Ply anti-slip boom area prevents sliding.

Built with same length sections for easy handling.